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Super soft leather Whippet collar - Eggplant Purple

Super soft leather Whippet collar - Eggplant Purple

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The collar designed with your Whippet in mind.

Made in the UK using the softest Italian Dollaro embossed leather handpicked perfectly just for your Whippet. The leather is flexible yet durable being made double sided for a super smooth and caringly comfortable inside surface which sits perfectly against your delicate pooches neck.

The leather is thoughtfully thinned where doubled back on itself around the solid brass buckle and D ring for a much less bulky, breed appropriate fit, which so many other collars fail to achieve.

I originally decided to design these collars for my own fabulous Iggy, ‘Greg’, after purchasing endless collars which were meant for the breed but were either too big, too chunky, hard, inflexible and uncomfortable but worst of all gave my beautiful boy chafing sores on his delicate, thin skinned neck due to an unfinished or inappropriate material sitting against his skin.

My charmingly designed collar was created to prevent any of these issues being a problem for your graceful Italian Greyhound’s or Whippet’s elegant neck.

Made with love and thoughtfulness in the UK.

Please never leave a collar on your dog if they are unattended for their own safety 🐶

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